SANS 566 Coming to Toronto

After a great time in Nashville (minus all the problems caused by snow the week prior) I’m heading to Toronto to teach another round of 566. If you are looking to implement or audit the 20 Critical Controls, you need to register for this class. The SANS material is excellent and gives you plenty of tools to start the process on your own. The Toronto course runs April 13-17, details here.

Teaching Update

A quick teaching update. SANS MGMT512 in Ottawa/Gatineau was a great group last month, thanks to those of you who attended. If you’re interested in implementing the 20 Critical Controls, I’ll be teaching SANS SEC566 (Implementing and Auditing the 20 Critical Controls)  in Nashville starting March 9. If you’re in Canada, watch for Canadian events coming soon.

What are you doing? – DSEncrypt Malware | FireEye Blog

“Have you ever downloaded and installed a large Android application that had very few actual UI elements or functionality? Recently, FireEye Labs mobile security researchers have discovered a new kind of mobile malware that encrypts an embedded Android application with an attachment in an asset folder – concealing all malicious activities within a seemingly benign application.”

via What are you doing? – DSEncrypt Malware | FireEye Blog.