Is There a Day 5?

I left you all hanging, didn’t I? And judging by all of the comments and feedback, you were all terribly concerned.

Day 5 has changed, and did so even as I was writing that original series. It’s actually now a really cool capture the flag game that is the last half of Day 5. If you’re taking the class, there are even challenge coins for the winners. With the move to online teaching, that game has now also become an online series of recurring game days that anyone can participate in, free of charge.

There are actually three different ones; one for each of the management classes (512, 514, and 516) and there is one every month. This is a great opportunity to try out your management skills in a fun and interactive way with other cyber leaders from around the world.

Want to give it a try? Go here for more information –

The next Cyber42 game day is April 27th and will be the CISO for a Day version from MGT514: Security Strategy Planning, Policy, and Leadership.

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